LAW artist -

Lucy Wilson 

About me -....

My story-

Although art has always been my passion I’ve struggled with motivation and learning techniques. Since my teens I’ve had issues with addiction. Addiction affects so many parts of people’s lives and my creativity paid a price too. 

At 45 I discovered I had ADD (attention deficit disorder)
Medication has been invaluable for my  attention and focus. It’s been a huge benefit in helping me to get to grips with developing my own techniques and style.

My Art

I mainly work in soft pastels although I enjoy experimenting with other mediums to produce loose, abstract works but I will definitely say they are still in the experimental phase!

When I’m creating a painting I can’t help becoming emotionally absorbed in them. I find it hugely rewarding and satisfying although I often feel exhausted when they are completed.

‘About me’ is frequently where artists list their previous places of  studies and qualifications. My list would comprise of courses and qualifications  that I started and eventually dropped but on a plus note I have superficial knowledge of quite a few mediums.
Regardless of my fails, my constant need to create and my cobbled together way of working has eventually paid off.


Exhibits -

September 2018 - AIR Newcastle 

November-December 2018-

Thistle Gallery Glasgow

December/January 2019

The Whitehouse Gallery


May-June 2019 -

 The Whitehouse Gallery


August 2019

Many Thanks Gallery